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The literature review is not just a list of prior research findings. Rather, it is an argumentative portion of the paper that makes an argument that there is a void in the empirical literature on this topic that your study aims to fill. 

One of the best places to start a literature review is just by typing your independent and dependent variable into Google Scholar and see what comes up. In fact, you can learn a great deal about any topic by reading a lot of abstracts quickly. This will also help you to determine which articles you may wish to read more closely. A neat trick is to find the most recent article on a topic and read their literature review too. Below are some helpful links for this process and the library has a lot of resources to help you that I strongly encourage seeking out. The MSCJ Program Library Guide (linked below) in particular provides a lot of supplemental resources and guidance here that you should look into. 

KSU Resources

Library Guides - MSCJ Program

KSU Research Help/Consultations 

KSU Writing Center 

External Resources

Purdue Owl APA Formatting

How to Write a Literature Review 

Google Scholar 

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